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Concealed behind the Nebula Supermarket in Aluthgama, the Pier 88 Nebula Garden Restaurant is set on the banks of the Bentota River surrounded by colourful bougainvillaea bushes and reached through an archway of tropical blossoms.

There are tables in the fan-cooled library parlour entrance (Free Wi-Fi)

while kiosks and tented pavilions provide shade for the rustic tables and chairs cooled by the river and sea breeze.  It is delightful at any time of day to sit at the tables on the lawn and gaze at birds swooping overhead, boats passing along the river, and the verdant, tropical wilderness.

The menu at Pier 88 includes familiar favourites of sandwiches, soups and salads with typical Sri Lankan dishes like rice and curry and fresh fish and seafood, and traditional fare like pasta, Pickled Pork Knuckle and Mixed Grill.

There is a long list of tropical desserts, and nibbles are always available. The service is swift and courteous and the prices are unbelievable low, much cheaper than hotels and guesthouses in the area. Beers, wines and cocktails are available.

Over the years Pier 88 has become a meeting point for foreigners resident in the area who appreciate its good value, good quality meals and intelligent service.

Pier 88 is a family owned restaurant and we are happy to invite visitors to Sri Lanka to join us for an enjoyable meal in relaxing surroundings. If you fancy staying after dinner at Pier 88, you will be welcome at the Thumbelina Apartments overlooking the garden restaurant.