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The Nebula Supermarket is unique. It is not the average Sri Lankan self-service grocery store but is independently owned and operated. Every year, Nishan, the owner, makes a trip to Europe to purchase the specialty items that other supermarkets in Sri Lanka don’t even know about, and never stock.

He imports the best items from Germany, especially at Christmas time, and sources other imported delicacies from Sri Lankan suppliers. He supports local initiative, giving space on the Nebula Supermarket shelves to local makers of limited-production items, so shoppers at Nebula have the opportunity to try the best local products unavailable elsewhere.

Prices are kept deliberately low at Nebula Supermarket, without the customary high mark up of corporate establishments, to benefit consumers and to help local suppliers with increased sales. Nebula offers discounts on high bills and bulk purchases, and will obtain goods on demand whether locally or from overseas, if they are not in stock.

Nebula Supermarket has become the favourite shopping centre for expat residents, tourists and discerning Sri Lankans for miles around.

There is a delivery service for residents of the Thumbelina Apartments and items can also be sent in response to telephone orders made to 0342275607.